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 Online Dating Hell

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Ninja Warrior
Ninja Warrior

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PostSubject: Online Dating Hell   Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:37 pm

Post your shitty experiences! I'm starting track my responses to fuckheads speaking to me on dating sites. Here is an IM with a man who wanted some hastily exchanged fluids, he just keeps sending me messages that say "Boner" for weeks now. I finally responded:

NerdCore_Rising: boner?

[11:13:38 pm]missdangerzone:Treat me like a piece of meat, cover me with garlic salt

[11:13:50 pm]NerdCore_Rising:oh

[11:13:55 pm]NerdCore_Rising:that sounds yummy actually

[11:14:02 pm]NerdCore_Rising:split a steak?

[11:14:34 pm]missdangerzone:saucy

[11:14:41 pm]NerdCore_Rising:A1?

[11:14:53 pm]missdangerzone:all over it

[11:15:01 pm]NerdCore_Rising:all over you?

[11:15:19 pm]missdangerzone:all over my boner

[11:15:29 pm]NerdCore_Rising:OH YOU HAVE ONE TOO?

[11:15:30 pm]NerdCore_Rising:show me

[11:15:44 pm]missdangerzone:its huge, Ill poke yer eye out

[11:15:53 pm]missdangerzone:ALL THE WAY FROM OVER HERE

[11:15:55 pm]NerdCore_Rising:promise?

[11:16:01 pm]NerdCore_Rising:mine is super small

[11:16:10 pm]missdangerzone:lets have a swordfight

[11:16:21 pm]NerdCore_Rising:ok!

[11:16:30 pm]NerdCore_Rising:Iíll bring the pills, you bring the wine?

[11:16:46 pm]missdangerzone:dont forget your tiny boner

[11:16:58 pm]NerdCore_Rising:oh donít worry I wonít

[11:17:31 pm]NerdCore_Rising:you wear skinny jeans?

[11:17:45 pm]missdangerzone:more like fatpants

[11:17:50 pm]NerdCore_Rising:lol

[11:17:59 pm]NerdCore_Rising:I was gonna say

[11:18:24 pm]missdangerzone:shows off that meaty goodness

[11:18:41 pm]NerdCore_Rising:lol sure

[11:21:09 pm]NerdCore_Rising:how often do you bone?

[11:21:47 pm]missdangerzone:4 times a day, up my own butt

[11:22:18 pm]NerdCore_Rising:oh you like it in your fartbox huh?

[11:22:38 pm]missdangerzone:cummin out my mouth

[11:23:01 pm]NerdCore_Rising:you cum out of your mouth?

[11:23:03 pm]NerdCore_Rising:wow

[11:23:44 pm]missdangerzone:thatís how it works, weirdo

[11:23:53 pm]missdangerzone:donít know what your weird body does

[11:24:10 pm]NerdCore_Rising:I donít cum from my mouthÖ.

[11:24:27 pm]missdangerzone:oviously your butt is broken

[11:24:42 pm]NerdCore_Rising:uh

[11:24:44 pm]NerdCore_Rising:yes

[11:24:45 pm]NerdCore_Rising:it is

[11:24:49 pm]NerdCore_Rising:cum fix it?

[11:25:05 pm]missdangerzone:I cant fix that, but I can provide more wreckage

[11:25:13 pm]NerdCore_Rising:yes please

[11:25:25 pm]missdangerzone:POW POW POW KRAKOW

[11:25:49 pm]NerdCore_Rising:donít threaten me with a good time

[11:25:54 pm]NerdCore_Rising:you better deliver

[11:26:03 pm]missdangerzone:only promises sugartits

[11:26:28 pm]NerdCore_Rising:show me your sugartits

[11:26:53 pm]missdangerzone:theyíre more infected misquito bites

[11:27:26 pm]NerdCore_Rising:I guees, fat chicks usually have big tits

[11:27:29 pm]NerdCore_Rising:itís odd when they donít

[11:28:22 pm]missdangerzone:oozing sacks oí disease

[11:28:40 pm]NerdCore_Rising:lol I bet

[11:28:50 pm]missdangerzone:suckle it

[11:29:00 pm]missdangerzone:wanna split my valtrex?

[11:29:11 pm]NerdCore_Rising:valtrex, is that a med?

[11:29:24 pm]NerdCore_Rising:lol herpes

[11:29:34 pm]missdangerzone:Iím full of the herp a derp, but only on my titties

[11:29:49 pm]NerdCore_Rising:lol

[11:30:12 pm]NerdCore_Rising:donít look at my profile bitfch

[11:30:15 pm]NerdCore_Rising:jk but seriously

[11:30:34 pm]missdangerzone:seriously

[11:30:40 pm]missdangerzone:look at my herp

[11:30:50 pm]missdangerzone:Iím nice and I like to share

[11:31:24 pm]NerdCore_Rising:canít see it

[11:31:33 pm]missdangerzone:showing it

[11:31:43 pm]NerdCore_Rising:nope

[11:31:54 pm]missdangerzone:nope, thatís a nipple

[11:32:21 pm]NerdCore_Rising:or a spaghettie-o

[11:32:50 pm]missdangerzone:itís a hotdog

[11:32:55 pm]missdangerzone:nope, thatís my boner

[11:33:07 pm]NerdCore_Rising:suprised you havenít eaten it yet lol

[11:33:19 pm]missdangerzone:I bit off the end

[11:33:26 pm]missdangerzone:but I pooped it out

[11:33:34 pm]NerdCore_Rising:and ate it again?

[11:33:38 pm]missdangerzone:I also poop out off my mouth

[11:33:57 pm]missdangerzone:on your chest

[11:34:02 pm]NerdCore_Rising:please!

[11:34:05 pm]NerdCore_Rising:thatís hot

[11:34:16 pm]NerdCore_Rising:2 girls 5 cups?

[11:34:39 pm]missdangerzone:I poop out of every orifice

[11:34:56 pm]missdangerzone:every pore is an overeater and an anus

[11:34:58 pm]NerdCore_Rising:sure sure

He hasn't bothered me since
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Ninja Warrior
Ninja Warrior

Male Number of posts : 3155
Age : 30
Location : Baltimore
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PostSubject: Re: Online Dating Hell   Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:13 pm

im too young for the internet

after my last fail of a relationship i decided to give this online stuff a try. its free why not, so far been talking to this Brazilian girl. No talk about pooping on each other... yet
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Online Dating Hell
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